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Friday, August 18, 2006

Tests, Fridays, and Fire Drills

Today was test day in my regular Psych class.

I forgot about the fire drill in 6th period. Who schedules a fire drill on a Friday during 6th period?

Normally I give ten minutes to study and then distribute the test. Since I knew the drill would take at least ten minutes, I got started immediately. I told the class that when the alarm goes off to leave everything in the room and to meet under the covered area by the concession stand. "I was just going to risk it." <--- That is literally what I said. I never said do not talk to each other. In fact, I assumed that they would talk (my way of making up for the lack of study time before and still finish the test within the period). During the drill I took roll, held up my green "All is good" card, then I even made myself scarce during the drill!! (Okay, really I lurked about like I LOVE to do and to see if they talked to each other. What in that kind of time, they really couldnt have gotten a lot of answers.) I dont think they talked about the test questions. Really!? I was stunned. All I heard them talk about was that they were worried about which questions to answer (I use choice in each section. My way of bonus without a bonus. For example, they get to choose 8 out 10 in one section and so on...). Then another kid told them, "Dude, answer them all. She only counts the ones that are right." (I taught him before.) Then, the sweet children that they are came back to the classroom and immediately went back to work!

And this is the last class of the day! What did I do to deserve such honest students?

They must be on something!


Blogger Michelle said...

I would be stunned if the students I currently teach even bothered to discuss test questions! I would be delighted that they cared enough to cheat. I know, bad.

12:46 PM  

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